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Out and About – Breakfast of Champions

16 Jan
Paleo Starbucks Breakfast

Frances’ Fruit and Nuts and Grande Americano

Even Starbucks is Paleo! A great option for those breakfasts on the go. Add a dash of cinnamon to spice up a black coffee. Bonus – cinnamon is a superfood!


Out and About – Itsu

15 Jan
Itsu Salmon Salad

Camilla’s Salmon ‘No Carb’ Salad from Itsu

Hard pressed to find a Paleo friendly lunch on the go? Try the Salmon ‘No Carb’ Salad from Itsu.


Out and About – Upcycle Market on Brick Lane

10 Jan

Upcycle Market mezze platter

Paleo friendly food is easy to find! We had a heap of beet salad, chicken and lamb, cucumber salad and a bunch of other delicious unknown stuff doused in a tahini sauce for a fiver at the Upcycle Market on Brick Lane.

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Easy Paleo Living in London

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